Report: Manchester First Aid Squad Miles and Calls Down, Man Hours Up

Monthly report from the squad was delivered to the Township Council last week

The number of miles driven and calls for assistance received by the Manchester First Aid and Rescue Squad were down from August to September, though the number of man hours spent responding to calls was up, according to a recently prepared productivity report. 

The squad's volunteers responded to 207 calls in September, 28 fewer than the month prior, according to a productivity report presented to the Township Council last week by Edward Lynch, the squad's publicity officer.

"Mr. Lynch, thank your members again. It's a lot of hours you put in and it's a very tough job," said Council President Craig Wallis during his report at the meeting.

Wallis added that he would appreciate other township volunteer organizations to report their statistics so that residents can see what these groups donate to them.

Fewer calls lead to fewer miles driven by the squad throughout Manchester's 83 square miles — 2,132 miles were traveled by ambulances and the First Responder Unit, down from 2,771 in August. That marks the fewest miles driven by the squad in 2012.

About 100 more hours were spent responding to calls in September when compared to August, the report shows.

Manchester First Aid and Rescue Squad Statistics for 2012:

Month (2012) Miles Calls Hours January 2,874 236 641 February 2,246 202 524 March 3,309 259 626 April 2,565 214 527 May 2,169 185 502 June 2,403 218 808 July 2,642 211 715
August 2,771 235 585 September 2,132 207 689


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