Racism, But No Racists?

Under the white hood of online anonymity some propagate their own brand of racism as they breed hatred and intolerance within internet comments.

There is no denying it...no pretending it’s only isolated incidents, racism is alive and well in America.

For those that are not blinded by their own ideology, there are mounting ugly expressions of racism and bigotry around us that are occurring with alarming frequency. Under the white hood of online anonymity some propagate their own brand of racism as they breed hatred and intolerance within internet comments. Instead of taking responsibility for their statements they claim instead to be defending freedom of speech and with that twisted logic they falsely demand that they have the right to voice intolerance.

Their claim that the expression of bigotry is somehow protected by the First Amendment quickly becomes transparent and hollow, leaving them with the meager defense that those that point out their racism are “race baiting”. It is not, nor was it ever “race baiting “to stand against racism and intolerance in this country. Standing against racism, marching against racism, protesting against racism, is part of our legacy to the world. America stands for equality; America protects the dignity of all people regardless of gender, race, or religion.

Moderators at news websites usually delete individual racist comments but the expression of hate filled bigotry has become so prevalent that moderators are often forced to take down an entire thread. A growing number of newspapers disable an entire comments section beforehand if the article in any way relates to topics such as affirmative action or Planned Parenthood that consistently draw unashamed bigotry. These topics in particular open an online window for anonymous racial comments.

The opportunity for online anonymous comments empowers racism and that is why if any person chooses to comment on a news site they should use their full name, therefore removing the hood that hides their identity.

The danger of racist comments is that words coupled with hatred have the ability to generate action. Over the month of October, one ugly racial incident after another has occurred.  Beginning in early October an anti-President Obama campaign rally in Santa Clara, California, featured clear racial undertones, including a noose, watermelons and a sign that read "Go back to Kenya [1]."

A few days later, Jason Thompson, campaigning for his father, a Wisconsin GOP Senate candidate, echoed the same statement when he told followers at a rally that, “We have the opportunity to send the President back to Kenya”. [2] Then on October 12,  a shot was fired into the window of President Obama’s Campaign Headquarters in Denver, Colorado [3], and finally on October 18, someone spray-painted swastikas on at least one window of President Barack Obama's campaign office in Conifer, Colorado [4].

The emotional nature of this national election has pushed some to step over the racial line into open expressions of hatred and bigotry. President Obama has adamantly remained above the fog of petty racial slings, but as a nation, we will need to examine the real consequences of racism when that fog clears and the emotions of this campaign fade. But one fact is becoming clear; we have won important battles in the fight for equality, but not the war.





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bayboat October 27, 2012 at 02:10 PM
Bob Griffiths...Thought Police! "New standards are needed to monitor the morality and to ensure the information/incitement ratios are maintained!" Oh boy....
Spooner October 27, 2012 at 03:40 PM
jerseyswamps- not for nothing but there were about 9M jobs lost thanks to Wall St, and under Obama over 5M jobs have come back, including a 500K manufacturing jobs. He rescued the auto industry which if he didn't, there would have been another 1M jobs lost across the country. He was responsible for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act which saved 3M jobs. . .I could go on, but the point is. . .your blanket statement doesn't hold water. ...as for Benghazi: I might remind you that the Republican House Chairman on security, Darrell Issa was instrumental in cutting $500M from the State Dept Security budget, but listen...I don't want to confuse you with facts!
Bob Griffiths October 27, 2012 at 08:19 PM
First, you are yourself a little beyond reality, my comments were based upon the majority decision of the Supreme Court. Your generalized statement about "the government standard" is actually a judicial ruling. We have a check and balance system, it works pretty well. It appears your problem is with the system of government that has been in place for a long time, have faith, a popular government does work.
BeyondReality October 28, 2012 at 06:22 PM
That is exactly what I am afraid of. The "Feeling Police" Reminds me of that movie, Equilibrium, with Christian Bale. We do not need anyone to "Monitor Morality", that is called communism. People who are racist, however despicable their thoughts are, are allowed to be racist. As unfortunate as it is you cannot police people into being moral, in America they are allowed to feel however they want and share those feelings in a peaceful way. And people should stop jumping to racism as the cure for every disease. Look just because someone points out the differences between races does not mean they are racist! Their is such fear of the word in this country it is ridiculous. All men are created equal, not the same. The differences between us should be celebrated not feared. And people shouldn't fear being automatically deemed Racist from people like Bob. It is a scare tactic and so widely utilized that this country is suffering from it. Everyone has to tip toe around their words in hope they dont get labeled this. You know when people are racist, when they are holding hatred in themselves for a certain group just because they of who they are. Someone who is not racist is someone who points out differences in people or who mentions that someone is from another country.
Tom Durkin November 04, 2012 at 04:51 PM
So Mr.Griffths....anyone who views Obama's abysmal track record and perceives another term as more of the same, with additional socialist ideology as law, is a racist ? Why not get off your horse and rally the genuinely oppressed people in this country and our world ? The preposterous assumptions in your treatsie are both sophomoric and ill advised in a time when healing the wounds of racism, past and present,are at the very top of any one of conscience in America... Whenever we cure the abuses built into social welfare,for one matter, we can begin to move on together and remove racism from both sides. It's the penned thoughts of people, much like yourself,who insist on fanning the flames of racism citing an argument by the invisible. Tom Durkin


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