After Weeks of Increases, Local Gas Prices Stablize

Manchester stations now charging an average of $3.62

After weeks of increases, gas prices in the Manchester/Lakehurst area appear to have stabilized.

Locals are now paying an average of $3.62 for a gallon of regular. The current cost represents a 14-cent increase since the beginning of July, when the average price at the pump was $3.48.

The price increase is a challenge for owners of gas stations, especially at chains where the owners get very little say over pricing, according to Navi Bachen, manager of the Exxon on Rt. 37.

“They are giving you price. You have to work with a 10-cent margin,” Bachen said, referring to his inability to set the price himself, but rather charging what Exxon dictates.

As for what he believes drivers can expect to pay in August, Bachen said that prices should decrease "a little bit."

“I hope it goes down sooner,” he said.

The national average for a gallon of regular is $3.70 as of Friday morning, compared to $3.67 at the same time last, according to AAA. 

Statewide, the average price is now $3.67, AAA reported.

Before hitting the roads this weekend, find out what all the local stations are charging.  Prices are as of mid morning on Friday July 22.

  •  – Route 37 and Commonwealth Boulevard in Manchester: $3.63 regular, $3.79 plus, $3.89 premium.
  •  – Route 37 and Route 70 circle, Lakehurst: $3.65 regular, $3.75 plus, $3.85 premium.
  •  – Route 70 and Route 547 (Center Street), Lakehurst: $3.74 regular, $3.84 plus, $3.99 premium.
  •  – Route 70 and Route 539, Manchester: $3.55 regular, $3.65 plus, $3.75 premium.
  • Jersey Gas – Route 530 and Station Road, Whiting: Cash: $3.53 regular, $3.63 plus, $3.73 premium. Credit: $3.59 regular, $3.69 plus, $3.79 premium.
  • Quick Chek – Route 70 and Route 571, Manchester: $3.59 regular, $3.75 plus, $3.85 premium.

As of press time Jersey Gas is the only station charging a separate price for cash and credit. For figuring out the local average, Jersey Gas was calculated at $3.56, the average price for a gallon regular purchased from Jersey Gas.


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