Gas Prices Remain Steady

Stations in and around Manchester are charging an average of $3.62

Gas prices remain unchanged from last week, as the average price for a gallon of regular at Manchester stations is still $3.62, exactly where it was seven days ago. 

The national average is virtually unchanged as well, increasing only 1 cent compared to last week. The national average for a gallon of regular is now $3.71, according to AAA Friday morning.

New Jersey drivers are paying the same as last week as well, with the state average at $3.67, also according to AAA.

The cost for a barrel of oil spent much of the last week trading close to $100, however Friday morning trading saw it drop near $95 on the heels of a weak U.S. gross domestic product report.

Another thing that traders will be looking at is the pending U.S. debt crisis. What effects a U.S. default would have on the markets and potentially oil trading are unknown, although Rick Reineke, owner of in Lakehurst, does not believe it will have an effect.

“Most of the gas companies that we have in this country are foreign owned," he said. "I don’t see how [a U.S. default] should effect it at all.”

Asked whether gas prices would stay stable, Reineke was less optimistic.

“Prices aren’t going to be stable until the government decides to re-control the gas industry again,” he said.

If you’re traveling this weekend, be sure to check Patch first for all the local prices so you can get the best value while filling up. Prices were taken Friday morning, July 29.

  • – Route 37 and Commonwealth Boulevard, Manchester: $3.63 regular, $3.79 plus, $3.89 premium.
  •  – Route 37 and Route 70 circle, Lakehurst: $3.65 regular, $3.75 plus, $3.85 premium.
  • – Route 70 and Route 547 (Center Street), Lakehurst: $3.74 regular, $3.84 plus, $3.99 premium.
  • – Route 70 and Route 539, Manchester: $3.55 regular, $3.65 plus, $3.75 premium.
  • Jersey Gas – Route 530 and Station Road, Whiting: Cash: $3.53 regular, $3.63 plus, $3.73 premium. Credit: $3.59 regular, $3.69 plus, $3.79 premium.
  • Quick Chek – Route 70 and Route 571, Manchester: $3.59 regular, $3.73 plus, $3.83 premium.

As of press time Jersey Gas is the only station charging a separate price for cash and credit. For figuring out the local average, Jersey Gas was calculated at $3.56, the average price for a gallon regular purchased from Jersey Gas.

Jon Patrick July 30, 2011 at 04:20 PM
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