Local Gas Prices Down 8 Cents From Last Week

Local drivers paying less than state, national average for a gallon of regular

Gas prices dropped eight cents since last Friday, in what has been a wild week for crude oil. The Friday average price for a gallon of regular in Manchester and Lakehurst is now $3.50.

The barrel of oil has had an unpredictable week following the patterns of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which has seen wide fluctuations between days of high gains and days of major drops.  

Unpredictability in the stock and commodities market has been largely attributed to mixed economic data and last weekend’s Standard & Poor’s downgrade of the United States credit rating to AA+.

The barrel of oil price traded under $80 at points this week, and is now sitting at $86.44 in Friday morning trading.

Manchester and Lakehurst drivers come out ahead compared to the average U.S. driver, as the average nationwide price for a gallon of regular is $3.61 as of Friday morning, according to AAA.

On average, drivers in the Garden State are paying $3.58 for a gallon of regular as of Friday morning, also according to AAA.

If you’re hitting the road this weekend be sure you get the best price when filling up your car by checking out Patch’s weekly gas report.  All prices are as of early morning on Friday, August 12.

  • – Route 37 and Commonwealth Boulevard, Manchester: $3.49 regular, $3.69 plus, $3.79 premium.
  •  – Route 37 and Route 70 circle, Lakehurst: $3.45 regular, $3.55 plus, $3.65 premium.
  • – Route 70 and Route 547 (Center Street), Lakehurst: $3.57 regular, $3.67 plus, $3.99 premium.
  • – Route 70 and Route 539, Manchester: $3.49 regular, $3.59 plus, $3.69 premium.
  • Jersey Gas – Route 530 and Station Road, Whiting: Cash: $3.47 regular, $3.57 plus, $3.67 premium. Credit: $3.53 regular, $3.63 plus, $3.73 premium.
  • Quick Chek – Route 70 and Route 571, Manchester: $3.51 regular, $3.63 plus, $3.73 premium.

As of press time, Jersey Gas is the only station charging a separate price for cash and credit. For figuring out the local average, Jersey Gas was calculated at $3.50, the average price for a gallon of regular purchased from Jersey Gas.


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