Seasonal Employers Looking to Hire at Weekend Job Fairs

Jenkinson's has a job fair on March 11, Seaside has one May 5

Whether they are checking badges, scooping ice cream or sliding a slice into a pizza oven, the seasonal employers at the tourist destinations along Point Pleasant Beach and Seaside Heights are hiring now for the coming summer.

Seasonal employment for these summer jobs is often thought of as work for teenagers and college students, but all are encouraged to apply. It's several months at minimum wage rates, on the beach and boards.

It's also as many as 800 people Jenkinson's hopes to hire, as part of an industry that employs more than 500,000 people throughout New Jersey. According to the New Jersey Travel and Tourism Board, one out of every nine New Jerseyans has a job in tourism.

"Jenkinson's," said its Director of Marketing Marilou Halvorsen, "intends to hire between 600-800 people this season." 

Jenkinson's in Point Pleasant Beach is having its job fair from noon to 3 p.m. on Sunday, March 11 On May 5, Seaside Heights will have its job fair, which is hosted by the State Department of Labor and features multiple seasonal employers for businesses there.

At Jenkinson's, all positions are open for applicants including the arcade, sweet shops, information booths, beach attendants, ride operators, cashiers and more.

The jobs, which last from about Memorial Day to Labor Day, pay minimum wage.

Both the Seaside and Point Pleasant Beach job fairs have drawn hundreds of applicants who fill out applications and are often interviewed right then.

For example, Halvorsen said the Sunday event features individual tables for each job will be set up to collect applications and perform on-the-spot interviews.

Applicants as young as 14 can work but the hours assigned will vary depending on the age of the applicant.

Prior experience is not necessarily relevant, said Halvorsen.

“We encourage teens to apply — this is often their first job and prior experience isn’t something they would have,” she said.

Often, Halvorsen said the kids come back each summer to work—even when home from college on summer break. “In many cases,” she said, “The kids grow up here.”

But don’t think that only the teenage crowd can (and does) apply. Halvorsen has seasonal employees that range from 14 to 80.

“Don’t feel that you are too young, or too old to work here,” she said. “It is a great place for everyone and what better place to work, than on the beach?” 

The seasonal tourism, and the seasonal employment, obviously impact the local economy. Jenkinson's prides itself on employing local residents which not only helps stimulate the local economy said Halvorsen, "but also positively affects the economic impact tourism has for surrounding municipalities and the state."

Some tips Halvorsen offered for this Sunday's applicants are: dress presentably, practice good eye contact when talking to others and be personable, also—bring along two forms of ID. Applicants are encouraged to apply to more than one position and can expect to hear back from Jenkinson’s in early April with employment news.

For more information on the Jenkinson's Job Fair call 732-295-4334, ext. 24.

For more information on the Seaside Heights DOL job fair call 800-732-7467.


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