Coleman Construction Services

Homeowner Advocacy to Bring you Back Home

Coleman Construction Services on October 29, 2012 watched as the shore line was torn apart by Hurricane Sandy, and the day after we all started helping our neighbors and friends cope with the coming months of rebuilding together.  Our priority quickly became to do all we can to help those in need using the strengths we have in the construction industry to help.  

We also have been experiencing the hardships of this storm both financially and emotionally within our own family as well as our neighbors and friends. 

Insurance companies are not responding and paying out the way they should, and most of our family, friends and neighbors are not aware of the rights they have and what they need to do to be sure to recover all they are owed .  

We are not Public Adjusters, we are Homeowner Representatives, see what our difference is and how we are helping more and more homeowner’s everyday get all they deserve and more!  


"David, you have made our journey thru Sandy less stressful!!!!!! Thank you!"


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