The Whiting Business Association has a new President

Joel Wolf has handed the office of President of the WBA over to Jim Yorke
Joel Wolf has handed the office of President of the WBA over to Jim Yorke
The Whiting Business Association (WBA) has come such a long way since its beginning in 2012.  Joel Wolf, our recent President, took an idea about having businesses work together to benefit the community and brought it to life with his passion and devotion.  I (Jim Yorke, Executive Director of All-Care Physical Therapy Center) have worked closely with Joel over the last couple of years to help develop the Mission and Vision of our organization and create a business camaraderie in the Whiting Community. We have seen how local businesses working together can not only help one another but also significantly assist in community support and development. We realize that without the residents of the Whiting community businesses could not succeed in our town. Over the past couple years, we have hosted a car show, a fall festival, and numerous community events that raised money for organizations in our community in need. As incoming WBA President, I want to not only see through the original goals and programs that have been created by my predecessor, but improve and further develop our programs to support the relationship between our businesses and the Whiting community.


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