PA and Musical Gear for DJ or Band

PA and Recording Gear, RK

·        2 x 150W Community Speakers, CSX25

·        2 x 500W Yamaha Speakers

·        1X 400W Community Subwoofer CSX40-B

·        Phillips CD” recorder

·        2 Casette dual tape machines

·        Alesis Midiverb

·        Fender SR8300P Power Mixer 300W

·        2000W PV stereo amp with  bass crossover

·        Peavey KB/A 60W guitar amp

·        Pro Feedback destroyer ESP-1

·        2 x  8-10’ tripods

·        2 X guitar stands

·        6 disk CD player

·        4 Par Lighting Cans

·        100W Strobe

·        15W Strobe


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