LOOK BACK: Long Before Sandy, There Was Gloria

One of the biggest storms to hit the area happened in 1985 - and was possibly more dangerous to Manchester

Long before Irene and Sandy ever knocked down a tree or pulled down a wire, the storm that was talked about - and, quite possibly, the most feared - was Hurricane Gloria.

Yes, there were the storms of 1962 and 1992 that nearly sunk Long Beach Island. But the storm that passed through the area on September 1985 was quite possibly more of a threat to Manchester and Lakehurst than it was to the shore.

That was largely because of the storm's path: Much of it went inland and to the north.

This Whiting resident captured the storm's progress, titling it, "Hurricane Gloria strikes the Pine Barrens of Whiting," saying it was filmed on Sept. 27, 1985.

bhavaja December 25, 2012 at 02:28 PM
There are no video or pix....


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