VIDEOS: Hurricane Sandy in Pine Lake Park

Amateur filmmakers capture the worst of the storm when it hit Manchester in October

The worst of Hurricane Sandy was at the shoreline, striking Seaside Heights, Point Peasant Beach and other points farther east.

But Manchester - particularly the Pine Lake Park section - did not escape the wrath of the worst storm to hit the Jersey Shore in recorded history.

Perhaps the comments attached to these three You Tube videos best summed up the local reaction:

From Mecca Video Pro (published on Oct 30):

"Ten miles inland, there was some wind, not much rain, 22 hours without power, and then a quick survey of the damage within a few blocks."

Scott Neuman December 21, 2012 at 01:04 PM
You guys might like Gotta Keep Trying by Jesse Shar on Youtube. I produced the video with stills from Greenpeace. Happy Holidays.
John E December 23, 2012 at 04:51 AM
Nice video's..now the question. Is Manchester Public Works going to pick-up all that damage laying curb side... even now two months later? We all know NJ got federal funds for clean ups..and know Ocean County got $25 million for clean ups and we know Manchester is on the list to get funds for clean ups. The FEMA does help those who lost homes or need a temp place to live..but these funds are different for debris clean ups..take a ride around Pine Lake Park area and every third house has limbs and branches galore out. Can fill a hundred dump trucks I bet. I know Manchester does have a brush pickup ( small stuff cut up) and that's six months away in May 2013...anyone know if the township be picking it up, I know the taxpayers think so since it's all laying outside their houses at the curb since day after hurricane.


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