Historical Society Needs Help with Photo Identification

Lakehurst Historical Society wants to identify people and places in historic photo collection

Is your last name Manion, Wainwright, Giberson, or Cranston? If so, the Lakehurst Historical Society wants you and other locals to help identify people and places in its historic photograph collection. 

The society will hold a photograph ID-Exchange meeting on Wednesday, March 21 at 7:00 p.m. at the Lakehurst Community Center. At the meeting, the Historical Society will help to identify any participants’ old photographs. 

“We have a bunch of different pictures of places and people in Lakehurst from years past with nothing written on the back," said historical society member Mary Earley. "We would like to lay out the pictures at the meeting and hope that we can get help in identifying people, businesses and buildings in the old photographs."

Sandi Stark, the society's recording secretary, said that there are "quite a few pieces that need identification."

"We were hoping it would be a good time for people who have families in the area of Lakehurst , Manchester and Whiting to be able to find out who their people are [in their old photographs],” she said.

Stark and Earley are especially hoping for relatives of the Manions, Wainwrights, Gibersons, and Cranstons to attend the event. Frank Wainwright was considered the town historian for a period of time, said Stark.

“We were hoping that people still living from these prominent families would come out and help us identify the pictures,” Earley said.

“We would like to encourage those people to come because we know we have photographs of people from these families. We want to know what happened to the families," Stark said. "Did they relocate to Toms River or leave the area all together? It is a way for us to also find out some genealogical information."

Before Manchester built their own schools, students from and attended school in Lakewood said Stark. 

“We even have a few class photos from Lakewood. We are trying to identify how many of those people are from Manchester and Lakehurst,” Stark said.

“This is the first time that we are doing this and we are hoping for a nice turnout. People who have relatives in this area may find that we have photographs of their families that they may not even possess,” Stark said.

For additional information call Stark at 732-581-3564 or visit the society’s website.


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