Wedding Bells Ring

A mom of two boys with autism writes about attending her brother's wedding.


Today’s post will not be about autism.

I know, it’s a stunning departure from my usual topic, but this post is going to be purely FUN, because for seventy-two hours recently I got to leave autism (and let’s be honest, my kids) behind on a trip to Florida for my little brother’s wedding, and I’d like to share. No, today’s missive will be a mostly self-indulgent exercise in how proud I am of my brother, and how much we all love his new wife.

If I don’t see you until next week, I understand.

It is extremely rare that I get away (as rare as having two kids on the spectrum, and there I go, breaking my promise already), and frankly I couldn’t have done it without the help of my brother-in-law and his wife, and my best friend. The only sad part of the weekend for me was that my husband had to stay behind and keep the kids alive, and he truly wanted to be with us to celebrate. The issue was that we’ve never left my eldest son, who has severe autism, with anyone other than his grandmother. Said grandmother stubbornly insisted on seeing her son married, and was thus unavailable.

So, my husband pitched in. Someone had to take it for the team.

We could probably have pulled it off, as our extended family is comprised of very competent people. The truth is, I simply couldn’t leave Justin, who can’t speak and has limited communication even with his iPad, with people who aren't able to read his mind as Jeff and I can do.

Seriously, by this point in our parenthood journey my eldest son can simply walk over and look into my eyes, after which I can usually discern his need for either food, a potty break, or which DVD he wants from their hiding place in the garage (Jeff and I are so good at this we guess correctly nine times out of ten). At some point I anticipate we’ll be able to leave him sans grandma, but that point hasn't arrived just yet.

So, this post is for my brother and his bride, with whom we are all completely smitten. Truly, a more beautiful, bright, loving individual does not exist on this planet, and we are all so grateful she found my sibling seven years ago, and brought such peace and happiness into his life. My brother’s path has not always been the easiest of journeys, and it’s just so wonderful to see how they complement each other, how they are truly meant to be together.

If we’d had any doubts (and we didn’t) all we had to do was listen to his speech at the wedding ceremony, with my brother the lyricist pouring all he had into a tribute to his best friend and the love of his life (trust me, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house). Truly, he rocked his vows, just as I know he’ll rock this marriage with his innate kindness, compassion, and loyalty.

So, once again I propose a toast (sadly, with a Coke 90 can rather than champagne) to my courageous, insanely gifted brother, and the stunning woman who will grace his life. I wish you both only the best, and can’t resist leaving you with these parting words, simple as they may be.

To my brother and his bride- live long, laugh a lot, and love well.

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