I have a niece who works as a waitress at Olive Garden. The other night she served a table of six people and the bill total was $170. They left no tip. My niece is a 3.9 grade average student who is working to supplement the money her parents put toward her education. She earns $2.00 an hour as a waitress  and depends heavily on her tips. How can six people be served by a very competent waitress and not have the conscience to leave a decent tip? If they can't afford a decent tip they should not be eating out. Then again I guess they like to brag to their friends that they eat out often. I guess the tip money goes toward their next meal. People like this make me sad to be an American. God knows enough outsiders are coming down on us but when we come down on our own we are really in trouble. Why don't the cheapskates put themselves or their children in my nieces shoes. Would they stiff themselves or their kids?  I strongly doubt it. People like this make me sick. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!
KAREN A KINCAID February 18, 2014 at 08:02 AM
I agree with Donald. BUT, I do have to tell you. ( what I didn't like ) We had a party of 15 at Red Lobster. Our bill came to over $500.00. We had three waitresses. Mind you, I also had 300.00 CASH in my hand ( 100.00 a piece ) cause they did a wonderful job. HOWEVER, what I didn't like, is they had already added their tip to the bill????? They wound up screwing themselves out of cash with what I was going to give them. What I was told is it was an automatic when doing the register. However I do understand that some ppl do what they do, so maybe it's a good idea to automatically add the tip to larger bills. Any who, even when we have a fast delivery when my husband and I work all day and we order out. I make it a point to tip the kid at least 5 bucks. He's just a kid looking to make it out there running around.


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