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Attn. Obama HATERS

I liked the Star-Ledger reader's rebuttal to the Republican troll who brought up the usual Rush Limbaugh/Fox News/Koch Bros. talking points:

1) Bengazi--security funds cut by the GOP

2) VA disaster--been going on for 40 years, but sure, blame Obama

3) Healthcare--more people have it now, costs are slowing down... your point?

4) Turning terrorists loose to kill more--Bush released 500 from Guantanamo, Obama 5, but yeah, it's the black guy's fault

5) IRS--only 1 group denied, a progressive group!

6) 18 Trillion Debt--accumulated by the GOP, especially Bush's war, but you blame it on the Dems.
Scott Neuman June 24, 2014 at 11:11 PM
How do you deal with drones blowing up innocents in other countries when we haven't declared war on them by an act of Congress? Why aren't we trying criminals (terrorists in Guantanamo) as per our Constitution. We're on a slippery sloop. We really need Congressmen and Senators that will stand up for what is right rather then bending over and accepting what is given them in the rear. http://www.ScottNeumanforCongress.com in Manchester and the rest of the 4th district gives you a person that will stand up for our district. http://www.DRParty.org if you want more men and women that are standing up for what is right. Remember. What is right never changes, Who is wrong can be changed.
Scott Neuman June 24, 2014 at 11:14 PM
Special times? You ignore the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and the 27 amendments at your own risk. Bet you didn't know the Bill of Rights had 12 amendments, not 10? And that all are now ratified and need to be followed? Good luck with anyone currently in Congress standing up for the True First Amendment. http://www.boldtruth.com for a quick education on our Bill of Rights.
DK June 30, 2014 at 10:48 AM
SO, You're saying when Bush did this stuff, you hated him and had to get him out of office, but now Obama is doing it so it's okay....got it....drink your kool-aid. Rev. Jim Jones would have loved you.


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