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Governor Chris Christie To Host Town Hall In…


Congressman Smith lives full time in Virginia full time. He has lived in Virginia since his second term as District 4 Congressman.  He raised his family in Virginia and his children received Virginia "In state" tuition.  He maintains a small residence in Monmouth County NJ to fulfill his requirement to maintain a habitat in the state that he represents.  When other Representatives visit their home states and meet with their constituents during recess, Chris Smith goes home to Virginia. He does not come home to NJ because he does not live here.  He does not have Town Hall Meetings where he can meet with his constituents or spend time with the people he represents. Why do we put up with it? 
Donald J Borst February 17, 2014 at 04:26 PM
If this is true get rid of him. If he can't reside here and put up with the conditions that he has influence on, who needs him? Is he another one of the political elite? God knows we are drowning in them now.


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