Congressman Chris Smith Undermines the Women he Claims he is Trying to Protect

Smith is up for re election in Nov. Women get out and VOTE!
Smith is up for re election in Nov. Women get out and VOTE!
If Congressman Smith wants to protect women, why did he Vote AGAINST the VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN'S ACT?  Why has he written legislation to change the language of Rape to Forcible Rape (HR3) ?  Why did he vote against equal pay for women?  Why did he vote for the Ryan Budget that severely cuts funds to the STOP Violence Against Women's Program and Head Start that feeds children?  Why is he trying to block private insurance companies from covering women's health care such as birth control?  Why has he voted to close clinics that provide breast and cervical cancer screenings to women? http://www.app.com/article/20140423/NJNEWS10/304230091/Human-trafficking-victims-every-county-New-Jersey Chris Smith is anti woman.  Vote in November and vote for women.
Scott Neuman April 29, 2014 at 07:41 AM
Vote for a Congressman that will stand up for women. I'm stunned you vote for Chris Smith. Why do people vote against themselves. Voting for Chris Smith is normally a vote against your own best interests. Want to vote for your own best interests? Vote for Democratic-Republican Party Candidate Scott Neuman in November. 20 year Manchester resident. http://www.ScottNeuman.com


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