Congressman Smith Betrayed the Veterans - Disgrace!

There is no excuse, Congressman Smith.  Shame on you!  Vote for Change in November!
There is no excuse, Congressman Smith. Shame on you! Vote for Change in November!
Congressman Smith Betrays our Veterans Congressman Chris Smith voted for the Ryan Budget. This plan will also punish veterans - harshly - and it's important that you spread the word on how it will do so. http://www.votevets.org/pages/?id=0047  Our Veterans are heroes!   What is Ryan thinking and why did our Congressman, Chris Smith, vote YES on theRyan Budget.  Shame on Chris Smith!  What a disgrace. Congressman Smith is up for re- election in November.  Remember to Vote for Change.      Towns in District 4 NJ
Allentown, Bayhead, Belmar, Bradley Beach, Colts Neck, Eatontown, Englishtown, Fair Haven, Farmingdale, Freehold Township, Freehold Boro, Hamilton, Holmdel, Howell, Jackson, Lake Como, Lakehurst, Lakewood, Little Silver, Manasquan, Manchester, Middletown, Millstone, Neptune, Ocean, Pt. Pleasant, Pt. Pleasant Beach, Red Bank, Robbinsville, Roosevelt, Rumson, Seat Girt, Shrewsbury, Spring Lake, Tinton Falls, Upper Freehold, Wall
Frank Wells May 07, 2014 at 05:52 PM
I now plan to find out who is behind District 4 etc. This group is obviously not "non-partisan" as all they seem able to do is attack Chris Smith and other Republicans...can you point to even 1 democrat they have attacked? Notice my previous comment about Obamacare went unanswered, but pointing out that the Ryan budget does not "destroy Medicare" got a quick condemnation. This group is nothing more than a front for the liberal wing of the democrat party...give me a little time to investigate and I'll prove it. In the meantime, all fair-minded voters should ignore this phony, left wing hack group. Look to Chris Smith's record to find out what you can expect from him in the future.
Frank Wells May 07, 2014 at 06:40 PM
I did my investigation of this self described "non-partisan" group and discovered it is made up primarily of 15 -18 democrat women who have a stated goal of removing Chris Smith from office for many reasons but mostly because he believes in the right to life, which they despise...this small cadre of militants can hardly be called "NON- PARTISAN". These gals are pure unadulterated left wing partisans who don't want you to know how radical they actually are. That's why they claim to be just plain old concerned citizens protecting our vets from the bad guys. All they really want is to punish Chris Smith for his beliefs and push him out of office any way they can. Come on ladies, 'fess up and tell us who you REALLY are and what you think about Obamacare for our vets and seniors. ...Bet we hear nothing back from you now.
District 4 Coalition for Change May 08, 2014 at 08:40 AM
D4CC is a public awareness group. Our goal is to educate the public on the voting record of Congressman Chris Smith. We are non partisan and do NOT endorse any politician. Smith is often under the radar and people, specifically women, have no idea about his voting record. Vet are quite aware of his current betrayal because they are politically plugged in. Smith's voting record is public information. We hope people follow his record. What we write about are facts. If you feel that is an attack on Smith, perhaps you do not agree with his voting record.


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