District Four Coalition for Change Mission and Purpose On behalf of all residents of New Jersey’s 4th Congressional District, local members of issue advocacy groups are mobilizing together with a common goal: Get Congressman Chris Smith to become responsive to all his constituents so he can better act on our behalf in Washington. Experience has shown that Congressman Smith fails to engage with NJ4 Citizens and other public interest groups on the issues that matter. Examples include: Failure to hold Town Hall meetings Refusal to debate his opponents "Wait listing" individuals and groups that request meetings with him Often not responding to press requests for statements on current issues   We demand an active, frequent, ongoing dialogue. Starting today, we request that Congressman Smith: Hold local Town Hall meetings Participate in public debates with other Congressional candidates Move faster through the “wait list” of individuals and groups that request to meet with him Increase communication with local press Congressman Smith is positioned to speak for us, yet he doesn’t speak with us. We deserve a congressman who talks with residents and uses his status to advance policies that are aligned with our interests. Residents of NJ-4 will no longer accept a congressperson who fails to interact with those people he is sworn to represent. We deserve better. We deserve our voices be heard and accurately represented on the federal level. For more information and to get involved, email D4CCangela@gmail.com
Don Gottwerth February 04, 2014 at 10:43 PM
If you want Smith to be open, where are your names, and what party cause are you really trumping? I'll bet you a bunch of determined pro-choice Dumocrats, likely from New York.


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