Fressola: Dire Predictions on Impact of 'Snooki' Production Unfounded

Mayor says anonymous commenters should 'think twice before making stupid, unfounded statements'

To the Editor:

Well it has been three months since Snooki and JWoww have started filming their fall TV show in a home in Manchester, and as far as I can tell the sky hasn’t fallen, the character of the township hasn’t changed. People have been going about their normal chores and business without being bothered; no fights, no arrests, no misconduct, no destruction of morality in Manchester.

Actually what I have received is good news from the neighbors that except for a little increase in traffic very early on, everything has been quiet, and like promised they have been good neighbors. The whole issue will be done and over shortly, and I have every reason to believe that nothing will change.

For all the doubters, I must once again state unequivocally that the rental of the home for the filming of the TV production occurred and was negotiated before I had any knowledge of it occurring. Shortly after the story broke your online publication was filled by dire predictions by perhaps a hundred or more contributors, most of whom hide behind made-up names writing things, much of which are not only untrue, but at times disgusting and outrageous. 

I cite just a few examples: One who commented under the name We Own the Night wrote the furor* Fressola takes great pride in gassing geese like the Nazi’s did to Jews.  What a BS artist.  *I guess he meant Fuhrer.  Another using his phony name wrote “I have heard that he (meaning me) is working on yet another back door deal in a residential area.  He is out of control, arrogant and shows no respect for the residents.”  William America (don’t you love this name) wrote “This is a fly by night, do as I please, unaccountable mayor in a township controlled by seniors. The only thing that will get this crook out of office is…”  The rest of his comments are totally unintelligible until he concludes with “garbage in garbage out”. Whiting Boy wrote “Snookie should run for mayor of Manchester (anybody but Fressola) could she really do worse.”  Ballyjduf wrote “Anything for a buck, that’s Mayor Mikey’s saying”.

When, in print I offered to discuss this issue and any others in person with each of these individuals, not one of them had the courage to take me up on my offer.

Perhaps some of these people, who I refer to as cowards, will think twice before making stupid, unfounded statements and predictions.

Mayor Michael Fressola


Henry Dudley November 20, 2012 at 02:41 PM
Wow, Talk about thin skinned. Mr. Mayor, get a grip. If you can't take the heat, could be it's time to get out of the kitchen. I happen to agree with Mayor Fressola on a couple of things. The Snooni rental is no big deal and his comments about the storm and providing the contact phone number for the services that are available was good. Henry Dudley
Bryan November 20, 2012 at 07:03 PM
Wow! Yeah talk about thin skined is right! Dont hurt yourself patting yourself on the back! Still doesnt change the fact that you only answer to the seniors in this town. You always seem to have an excuse for not showing up at gathering for the young families, you know sick,on vacation, etc etc..
JD November 20, 2012 at 08:51 PM
I don't live in Manchester... but if I did... I would go to the next meeting and call him a bozo for submitting this letter. And it may be true that Snooki could do a better job than Fressolo.. for him to include that comment was taking a shot at Snooki... shame on you mayor. There is an old saying... sometimes you are just better off keeping your mouth shut.
MichaelH November 20, 2012 at 09:11 PM
Mr. Mayor become professional and stop this public display of trying to prove how wonderful and right you are. “Look at me I’m important and I’m right.” Enough! Stop flapping your wings and strutting around the town like an out of control wild turkey. They could make another Jersey reality show called the “Mayors of New Jersey” instead of housewives. It comes across as though you have no self-respect. You could learn a thing or two from Gov. Christie who seems to cares about the citizens of New Jersey and can take criticism (and with humor). Part of the reason there was so little action at that home could be Snookie had a baby so was preoccupied and also the cancelation of the main show brought the demand to be high energy, attention-seeking somewhat under control. It does not change the fact that you seem to make deals that affect residents in this town. Next time, lets have a deal where whatever it is will be right next door to your nice little peaceful, safe home in your adult community. You quote of those who commented to you but how about someone listing all the quotes you made in comments in past posts. It was disturbing and I hope someone puts them here as a reminder to others of who is leading our town. Move to Florida and give us, the tax paying citizens of Manchester a break from all your cackling!
ballyjduf November 21, 2012 at 06:25 PM


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