Letter: Manapaqua Avenue in Lakehurst Needs a New Crosswalk

A Manchester Patch reader's letter to the editor

The following letter was sent to the Office of the Ocean County Engineer by a concerned Lakehurst resident.

To whom it may concern: 

I am a resident in  and live at the crossroad of Orchard Street and Manapaqua Avenue. I have inquired in the past regarding the response of the county to get a lined crosswalk for our section of Manapaqua and was told it was not possible. I am again requesting this be considered as we now have 15 children in the nine houses on the Burger King side of Manapaqua who hazard their lives daily to cross Manapaqua onto Orchard sidewalks to go to school and on their way home. 

As a mom of three, I watched in amazement as a painted crosswalk was done further down Manapaqua but my request was dismissed since there is no sidewalk connector. That is incorrect — we have sidewalks and they can be connected.  Even some street signs would be better than the traffic flying off of Route 70 onto Manapaqua in the mornings headed to Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst or the Catholic church. 

I implore you to come out and show me, as taxpayer, resident and parent why we cannot have a lined crosswalk to protect our children. The church people do not slow down nor do they stop for our children. We are going to have a disaster happen and I don't want to wait for something bad to occur before you take action. There has to be some type of rememdy you can offer in this matter. 


April Chillemi

tax paying concerned citizen April 11, 2012 at 10:26 AM
Thank you April for your diligence! Many of us here on Manapaqua Ave have been on the borough for some time to address the many issues we are all having on this street. Ann will be a big help I'm sure. I worked directly with her to get the yellow lines painted further down the ave. Although the PD has been conducting radar for the past three days, it's going to take some time and "presence" to get this matter to come to a halt. Keep up the good work!!!
Harry Robbins April 21, 2012 at 01:23 PM
To all concerned, the fallowing letter was send from me to Freeholder Kelly, for he is the one who oversees county roads. The letter reads: Dear Freeholder Kelly, As Mayor of the Borough of Lakehurst I am writing this letter to you, because a number of both yours and my constituents have raised a safety concern about a county road that is in the Borough of Lakehurst. The road in question Manapaqua Ave. which turns into Chestnut St. Both roads are county roads. Jack, this stretch of road is heavy populated with small children and a lot of curb side side parking. This is also a walking route for school. And if that's not bad enough, this road houses two churches which generates a lot of traffic. So with that being said, I Harry Robbins, Mayor of the Borough of Lakehurst, respectfully ask for your help in one, reducing the speed limit from 35mph to 25mph. Two, add a crosswalk on Manapaqua and Orchard St. And lastly, road rumble strips, in three sports along this route. I would like to thank you in advance for any and all help that you may be able to give us regarding this matter.Harry Robbins, Mayor, Lakehurst Borough Also I don't always check the Patch. However if you go on the Borough's web site you will find links to my e-mail. I check that 2 to 3 times a day. And I do respond all e-mails! My e-mail address is lakehurstmayorrobbins@gmail.com Thank you, Harry Robbins
April April 21, 2012 at 01:53 PM
Thank you Mayor~ I appreciate your request to the County Freeholders. None of your predecessors have ever taken this issue seriously and as these children age, they are mostly walking without parental supervision. I urge you to please follow through with this matter and I will gladly support any efforts needed on the part of the residents. I am dedicated to finding a solution to prevent a tragedy and hope your tenure is one of true change in our borough.
frank April 21, 2012 at 02:57 PM
One of the best mayors ever...Mayor Robbins is doing an awesome job and I hope that all fellow residents can now see the change that has been made in our town in just a short amount of time. Mostly all problems endured in the Borough over the last 4 years were at the hands of Mayor "Borat" Borsetti and his croney sidekick former administrator Norbert Basil Maclean Jr. both had thier own agendas..Now that both are gone I hope that fokes in town start to support, volunteer and rally to the towns aid. I have lived here a very longtime and I can see that things are going back to that old lakehurst small town feeling. Excellent work everybody and good work on part of the mayor and council for going to every source of imformation to listen complaints try to correct them in order to make the town better.
April May 03, 2012 at 05:40 PM
Ann came out on Friday but I missed her~ she is working on her report and the mayor is awaiting for her report. Once it's done it will go to him; I'll post her response. A speed survey will be done and then they go from there. Ann stated this is a long process but our mayor seems interested in helping. BTW- she told me that as an inspector, she wouldn't be available to meet with a group of residents but she is working diligently and will get her revised report from 2008 to the mayor soon.


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