Letter: Mayor Fressola on Contractor Safety

Mayor warns that consumers should ensure contractors are licensed

It’s this time of the year that many homeowners are looking to repair or make improvements to their homes and are looking for honest and reliable contractors.

In the very recent past, the state Division of Consumer Affairs has indicated that despite the fact that mandatory registration and licensing has been in effect for over five years, there are still many, many thousands of contractors operating totally outside the law.

In addition there are many, that may be registered, but do not follow all of the required rules and regulations. The rules say the contractor must have their registration number displayed on all promotional materials, including vehicles and contracts and, in addition, the vehicles used must have commercial license plates.

It is the position of the Division of Consumer Affairs, that in order to be sure you are not hiring a contractor who is operating outside the law, if indications show that he is not following all the rules listed above, that you check his status with the state Division of Consumer Affairs by calling 973-273-8090 or checking online at www.NJConsumerAffairs.gov/LVinfo.htm.

The Division of Consumer Affairs reports that they continue to get many complaints about shoddy unregistered contractors that show no established business address, who have taken money from homeowners, never completed the work, and leaving with no way for the homeowner to recover.

For your own protection remember the old saying, "forewarned is forearmed."


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