LETTER: Roosevelt City's Sign Needed To Be Replaced ... So We Did It

..Not the politicians who posed in front of it for a political advertisement

November 6, 2012

Attn: Sam Fusaro, Councilman

Manchester Township
1 Colonial Drive
Manchester, NJ 08759

Dear Manchester Elected Officials:

On November 1, 2012, when I went to the mailbox, I had received a political advertisement, as many of us do this time of year. This particular mailer is regarding Manchester Municipal Election to re-elect Councilman Mr. Sam Fusaro, and to consider voting for Mr. Jim Vaccaro and Mr. Charles Frattini. The cover of this political advertisement is a photograph of these individuals posing at the Roosevelt City Subdivision Sign.

The aesthetic of the picture sort of implies they have some connection with this neighborhood. I understand the attractiveness for these politicians from taking a picture at this location. It is a beautiful sign representing a unique part of the township and one for which they would like to attract a greater voter constituency.

I would like to provide a bit of history regarding the sign for the Roosevelt City Subdivision in the Whiting section of Manchester Township. Until recently, that corner and sign was one of the areas of township long neglected. I recognize it is not necessarily a township responsibility to maintain the subdivision sign. However, it is on township property and no activity has been done ever to improve or minimally maintain this easement.

I felt compelled to create a new entrance sign, having been a long time resident who spent my formative years in this great area and certainly have an appreciation for it. I envisioned a sign that correctly identified this subdivision, reflected the quality of the neighborhood and represented this area as a unique neighborhood located on the outskirts of our vast Pinelands Reserve.

I spearheaded a project on my own accord to raise the funds to redesign and construct a new sign from start to finish. Having developed a Civic Association, I solicited the neighborhood to donate funds to cover the material cost. I gladly designed, constructed and installed the proposed sign. Approximately a year and a half of work with support of residents, local business and family. You can see the result in the photo of this political advertisement.

The political advertisement was particularly unsettling to me and has a certain irony that I would suspect other residents might identify with. I am not suggesting Mr. Fusaro, Mr. Vaccaro and Mr. Frattini had taken this picture with any sort of ill intention or perceptions, but perhaps, with some ignorance.  It should have been an opportunity for these elected or prospectively elected individuals to engage the residents of this community. That would be to find out who helped build this sign, individuals who likely care about their neighborhood. That would have been a better approach to attract voters then simply taking a picture in front of this sign, a sign they or the township had nothing to do with.

The advertisement is disjointed in its content being that it has the photo of these individuals at the Roosevelt City aign which is a residential single family “non-adult community.” However, the content of the 8 x 11 advertisement only recognizes senior services that are rightfully important to the dominant senior population but not particularly germane to this neighborhood.

I call on Mr. Fusaro, Mr. Vaccaro and Mr. Frattini to recognize and visit our neighborhood and speak with some of the 500 plus residences and have some interaction to understand their needs and ways to improve this wonderful area. When I flyered Roosevelt City home owner during my solicitation for this project I talked to many residents and the common sentiment was centered on governmental neglect of this area. Individuals often referenced items that entail basic neighborhood maintenance.


Daniel J. Krupinski

Billy December 16, 2012 at 12:50 PM
Excellent work Dan! I hope that the Mayor and his chronies will at least contact you to apologize for what they did, rather than recognize what you did by putting that sign up there. I believe the voices of the residents of Roosevelt City have spoke for that recognition.
John Doe December 17, 2012 at 06:12 AM
Even though the intent of my letter was not for my own recognition, thank you all for the positive sentiments, I appreciate it. The advice I would offer Roosevelt City as well as the other Manchester non adult residential communities who feel underrepresented, would be to form a civic association or taxpayers association. They have to be active, have somewhat dedicated leadership and be able to gather the information about the needs and issue of community. The info gets synthesized and voiced representing that collective to the elected officials. Many communities have these groups and one could easily find an organization model to copy. This may be the best approach to advocate for your community.
ballyjduf December 17, 2012 at 01:31 PM
CM ,Roosevelt City (not yet a slum) ,but you are somewhat correct ,every block has homes that are run down , foreclosed on . The zoning officer tells home owners who park commerical truck to but gravel down in you back yard then its ok to leave it . check it out 1801 Philadelphia ave . Mayor Mike please take a few minutes and drive up and down those streets before you make a comment . With taxes going up in this part of the township and all seniors taxes going down , maybe you could spend some time out here
ballyjduf December 17, 2012 at 10:14 PM
THE NEW SIGN DOES LOOK CLASSY . The old sign in your picture was the second sign installed , I believe by local girl scouts . The original sign was put up in 1989 , by the Roosevelt City Civic Association . Even before "Mayor Mike" we were ignored by the Manchester Politicans . People lost interest because we could get nothing done , nothing but road blocks
Theresa December 18, 2012 at 01:08 AM
I am interested in continuing the civic association. We need regular representation at each meeting of the council to get our needs addressed. I attended the Aug. 27th town council meeting and addressed the council regarding the deplorable conditions of our streets. I took photos of the broken curbs, waist high weeds on the easements and growing through the crumbling pavement. the business administrator Elana Szoldos informed me that a planning meeting on road paving was to take place the next week. She took my name and addresss and told me that she would contact me. she has not as yet, and I have called town hall several times leaving a message for her and still no response. Mrs. K


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