It is becoming abundantly clear that the voters in Ocean and Burlington County communities within the Third Congressional District are aware of, and disturbed by, the increasing hubris with which no-bid contracts and patronage jobs are distributed like candy to political favorites and “sponsors”, and that those who are the distributors know no ethical bounds.

The silence from among the rank-and-file voters has long been taken as tacit approval of such actions by these supposed “public servants”, who serve only their own interests, to the detriment, financially and culturally, of everyone else.  This poor stewardship has harmed many.


This “silent majority” appears to have reached the boiling point, at last.

As I visit community after community, I am approached not only by independents, who are sick and tired of the political machines running everything – and running it into the ground, but by hard-core Democrats and Republicans, who, in a true demonstration of bi-partisan spirit, are ready and willing to throw off the yoke applied to them by their own so-called “leaders”.

Orwell warned us, “Some pigs are more equal than others”.  Nowhere is this more evident than right here in our own back yard.

Patronage jobs, multiple pensions for no-show positions, unqualified or under-qualified appointments due to nepotism, no-bid contracts to unqualified shills, (who then subcontract the work at pennies on the dollar), and blame-storming of teachers and the few honest officials for failures fomented by these policies, have become the norm – and that norm is finally drawing the ire of the voters.

So, how to first, solve the problem, and, second, punish the bad actors?

Start by taking away their power.  Send them to the showers in November.

1.)     Register to vote…make sure your registration is at your current address.


2.)    VOTE.

No excuses.

Want to learn more?  You should.  “An educated voter is the first line of defense in the preservation of Liberty.”

Reach out to me at upholdtheconstitution@hotmail.com, if you would join the fight.

Frederick John LaVergne, “Democratic-Republican” for Congress, NJ CD3, 2014

Sharon H July 09, 2014 at 11:46 AM
I wouldn't be concerned. The biggest criminals of all are sitting in Congress and on the boards of the big banks and other corporations.
Rather why I am in the race...to give a choice not beholden to the partisan machines.


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