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Not Raising the Debt Ceiling Threatens Social Security Payments Next

Tea Party Republicans are actually smiling Now when being interviewed on TV about their refusal to vote for the Continuing Resolution or the CR that would open up ALL GOVERNMENT OFFICES. Smiling !
If that infuriates you contact your Moderate Republican Representatives in House of Rep. in Washington NOW:Runyan,      Smith,      Lo Biondo,      Lance,    Frelinghuysen       and demand that they take charge of the Radical Republican Tea Partiers among them that  are causing real pain in America  and also don't let the Tea Partiers then refuse to let America pay it's bills, the bills that Congress, yes Congress has already racked up by not raising the Debt Ceiling !  Raise the Debt Ceiling Limit, Don't Let the Tea Partiers jeopardize the American economy and make it DEFAULT on it's obligations including
Repeat the next disruptive thing on the Tea Partiers agenda is to not raise the Debt Ceiling and that would not only seriously disrupt  the government but the entire US Economy!  They'll give deficits as an excuse the truth is deficits have been falling at rate faster  then they have in 60 years.
 Beware, this is their next step, the Tea Partiers are not through with their narow minded games! Call your Moderate Republican Congressmen now !


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