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Sheriff Candidate Calls for Merger of Jail, Sheriff Departments

Letter from Sheriff Candidate Bob Armstrong

Letter as submitted by Bob Armstrong, Ocean County Sheriff Candidate:

The county’s stable Fitch Ratings is not the whole story. The County should stop wasting thousands of taxpayers’ dollars on needless studies and do what I proposed three years ago — merge the Department of Corrections with the Sheriff’s Department. If elected in November, this will be my first priority.

The sheriff has completely mishandled his department and the costs are staggering. How can Sheriff Polhemus justify paying fifty-four of his employees, who work “inside” the office, over $100,000 each?

My proposal to merge Corrections within the Sheriff’s office will greatly reduce bloated salaries, overtime and political patronage. Other counties have done it already, and there is no justification for Sheriff Polhemus to keep the status quo here in Ocean County. The consolidation of the Sheriff’s Department and Corrections worked well for over one hundred years in Ocean County until Sheriff Polhemus was elected twenty-seven years ago. For purely political reasons, I believe, Mr. Polhemus and the freeholders created the Department of Corrections and hired a jail warden. That was wrong and I will change it.

Governor Christie has advocated consolidation and streamlining services. My proposal would accomplish that in the Sheriff’s office.

Sheriff Polhemus and the Jail Warden spent over $4 million in overtime alone in 2011. This is outrageous considering that the majority of sheriff officers perform “inside” duties.  I have proposed utilizing them for law enforcement duties “outside” for which they were trained.  Our local police departments could certainly use the help controlling traffic and public safety and I believe the sheriff’s officers would welcome the opportunity to get “outside” the office and work in real law enforcement.  As it is, we are wasting their talents.

Bob Armstrong

Candidate for Ocean County Sheriff

Brian Froelich July 06, 2012 at 03:02 AM
To getinvolved1, Bob Armstrong (whether Dem or Repub) has one of the best resumes that you could find for this position. He is clearly the stronger and better candidate. And if you are embarrassed by the same old recycled players you should also look at replacing Republican Congressman Chris Smith. He has been there 32 years (and has had a Republican President for 20 years, a Republican Senate for 16 years, and a Republican House for 14 of the last 18 years.) And all we have gotten is more spending, more deficits, and more debt. He votes for more spending but against seniors, against women, and against improved healthcare. He signed the ‘Contract for America’ which called for congressional term limits but now has refuses to abide by it. Brian Froelich, Candidate for Congress (NJ, 4th Dist.) http://www.froelich4congress.com/
DAD July 10, 2012 at 04:18 PM
Not all Sheriff Officers have "inside" jobs. There are many with jobs "outside the courthouse" everyday. They drive both marked and unmarked vehicles every day as part of their jobs not only throughout the county but even the state as well as out of state or country (Canada etc.) if necessary. But when driving if they see someone going through a red light or speeding dangerously or cutting in and out of various lanes on the parkway in dangerous manners to all innocent people driving on the road they "are NOT allowed" to pull-over the vehicles and write tickets per the Sheriff. (Even though they swear to uphold all the laws and as law enforcement officers are trained and should handle any and all illegal actions no matter how minor or major.) In this day and age with the major increases in people in this county the local & state officers could certainly use the extra eyes that see things when they aren't around to help and take care of problems. (Especially the towns that don't seem to do the traffic patrols like they used to and everyone knows which towns lets them do what they want and which towns when they cross the border they slow down in and stop blowing through the red lights. Just observe as you drive, you'll see it too.)
Ray July 10, 2012 at 04:26 PM
Polhemus is also collecting a pension from the Police Retirement system since he retired as SH Chief.
Ray July 10, 2012 at 04:31 PM
Sheriff Officers should be allowed to enforce the traffic laws when they are on patrol. Positions should be rotated so they get experience in all units in the Sheriff's Dept. Just working in the courts stymies their abilities.
Sophie Sie September 27, 2012 at 04:32 AM
I’m not speaking for any Party because the “Party” subject is part of a sophisticated political machine. I simple have no required mechanical knowledge to argue for any “Party”. But, George BOB Armstrong’s wisdom of macroeconomic perspective to use Taxpayers’ money wisely in combating the governmental wide financial crisis is deserving a chance to lead the county’s largest law enforcement agency. Joseph Grisanti’s wealth of experience and service in enforcing and following the laws is deserving a chance to continue serving his beloved taxpayers with honesty and integrity to safeguard all taxpayers’ American dream. Pat Barndt’s great social consciousness in her elegantly poised win-win proclamation of that “I’m running because we all deserve better.” for September 11, 2012 Asbury Park Press is awaking New Jersey taxpayers to catch a dream and run with her for better. Catch your American dream. Let’s run with BOB Armstrong, dance with Joseph Grisanti, and fly high with Pat Barndt in the realm of truth, faith, and integrity. Sophie Sie


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