Report: First Aid Service Calls, Mileage and Man Hours Down in April

Productivity report was presented to the Township Council last week

first aid personnel responded to 45 fewer calls for service in April than in March, meaning volunteer hours and miles driven were down, according to a report presented to the Township Council last week.

The Manchester First Aid and Rescue squad responded to 214 calls for service last month, said publicity officer Edward Lynch. 

Fewer calls meant less time spent by responders; 527 man hours were spent, down from 626 man hours in March, according to Lynch.

The squad's ambulances and First Responder Unit drove 2,565 miles throughout the nearly 83 square mile township in April, 744 fewer miles than March.

Council President Craig Wallis thanked the all-volunteer squad, located on Colonial Drive, for its service. 

"I believe it's important to recognize this because they do put in a lot of hours," Wallis said. "Not only them, but all of our volunteers."


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