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Fatal Motorcycle Crash Victim Remembered As 'Fun-Loving'

The family of a Barnegat man who died in motorcycle collision with Freeholder John Kelly mourns

All was quiet around the Fifth Street residence of the Kolb family Monday as friends and family mourned the death of 24-year-old William Kolb of Barnegat.

The Southern Regional graduate when a collision with Ocean County Freelholder John Kelly's SUV sent Kolb flying off his vehicle.

Kolb suffered severe injuries and died on the scene shortly after the 6:35 p.m. incident on Friday.

Today it was evident that someone was home at the Kolbs' residence, with a car in the driveway, the lights on, and some noise inside. But the family did not seem to want contact with the media.

The Kolbs' telephone was disconnected as well.

Kolb was a 2006 graduate of Southern Regional High School in Stafford Township, and he had an interest in mechanics, reports say.

Paul Hoferer, 24, of Roxbury Township in Morris County, said he went to elementary school, middle school and high school with Kolb before they lost touch and Kolb's family moved to southern Ocean County.

"Roxbury was both of our hometowns," Hoferer said.

Hoferer remembers Kolb as a fun-loving kid with an infectious laugh and an interest in repair work, not necessarily academics, he said.

"He wasn't most interested in school," Hoferer said. "It always seemed like he just had other aspirations.

"I remember him always coming to school with, like, grease stains on his shirt," Hoferer added. "He seemed to always be working."

One of the biggest impressions that Kolb left on the others, was his fun, easy-going manner, Hoferer said.

"He was always in good spirits," he said. "And he always had something nice to say. I just remember his basic demeanor. Growing up he had this mushroom haircut. He had one of those deep belly laughs, kind of like Santa Claus."

Hoferer said the news of Kolb's death shook up his community.

"It was definitely a shock once the news came up north," Hoferer said. "When something like this happens, you wish you had been more in contact [with him]."

Bob Hockenfrocken May 23, 2012 at 09:10 PM
The State Police are investigating...where does any of this story indicate otherwise?
Maria Cruz May 24, 2012 at 01:51 PM
This is just really sad. RIP :( http://www.negrosbloggers.com/
Concerned May 25, 2012 at 12:35 PM
sound like murder... THIS STATE is stupid! Why is a driving test mostly about "PARKING" WTF? Test people in real life driving. stopping short from 50 mph and changing lanes would save many, but you send kids out on highways with only the skill to park the car????? riding with motorcycles should be a major part of the test.The small minded people who run things should look at the rest of the world and see that motorcycles are a way of getting around too! not just targets for a**holes in three thousand pound machines>>>>
Rick May 26, 2012 at 02:30 AM
WHAT? Someone plows into a utility pole and a passenger obviously without a seatbelt gets ejected from the vehicle has something to do with this?
Debbie July 18, 2012 at 06:14 PM
No Stop Signs up. Stop signs knocked down by sanitiation trucks. The city should be liable for my brothers death. My brother was killed when a car came out in front of him. The driver should have been charged with murder. My sister-in-law left without her husband. My nephews left without a father. I'm left without a brother. My heart is broken into a million pieces. Sister Debbie


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