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'Continued Good Government' Team Announces Council Candidacies

Filing deadline for candidates in Manchester's nonpartisan election is Sept. 4

Three Manchester residents — including a current councilmember and the Planning Board chairperson — have announced that they will seek election to the this November. 

Samuel Fusaro, a former council member who rejoined the body by appointment after , will seek to retain his seat. Also announcing their candidacies in a statement under the "Continued Good Government" banner, Fusaro is joined by Jim Vaccaro, the township's Planning Board chairman, and Charles Frattini, a Leisure Village West resident. 

Fusaro, who lives in Holly Oaks and previously served on the council from 1990 to 2006, is finishing out Vanderziel's term, which expires in 2012. Current council members Warren Reiter, who has served since 2008, and Frederick Trutkoff, a member since 2004, . 

Vaccaro, a retired manager for the United States Treasury Department and currently self-employed forensic accountant, lives in Renaissance. 

"I see a great future in this town with the increase of business opportunities such as the Walmart, Quick Chek and other ratables which provide needed services as well as commercial property taxes," Vaccaro said in the statement. 

If Vaccaro were to win a seat on the Township Council, he would give up his spot on the Planning Board, according to the clerk's office. The board would then select a new chairperson when it reorganizes in January. The Township Council appoints one of its members to represent the governing body on the Planning Board; that spot is currently held by Trutkoff.

Frattini, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and VFW member, is a retired photojournalist and was once chairperson of the first Catholic-Jewish Dialogue Committee in the United States. 

"Now I would like to serve the entire community and I intend to be an active member of the council and work hard to see that all of the township residents, from those with young families to senior citizens, are listened to and served," said Frattini, who has lived in the township for 15, in the statement. 

A retired U.S. Army project director, Fusaro continues to work as a consultant to the military. Transparency and nonpartisanship have been goals of the Continued Good Government team since its beginning in 1990, according to Fusaro. 

"I am committed to preserve our quality of life and the Good Government goals of integrity and service which has made Manchester Township one of the best places to live in Ocean County and New Jersey," Fusaro said in the statement. 

Though residents from many municipalities throughout the state — including Lakehurst— voted in primary elections earlier in June, that process is unnecessary in Manchester since the government has operated without political affiliations since 1990 following a corruption scandal.

Manchester residents voted last November . With that change, the New Jersey Division of Elections states that Sept. 4 is the deadline for nonpartisan candidates to file to be voted on in the November general election. The terms of Manchester's elected officials set to expire in July 2012 were extended six months, through December, to accommodate the election date change.

Petitions for candidacy are now available at the clerk's office for those interested in running. Clerk Sabina Skibo said that she will verify the signatures submitted by each prospective candidate and will have the determination of candidacy completed by Saturday, Sept. 8.

Mark Wendell June 28, 2012 at 07:30 PM
@ Scott N. James Poss tried to run, but the simple fact is that a PLP resident will never ever win. The reason being is while every senor community goes out and votes at probiliy around an 80% turnout rate PLP will sit on there sofa's on election day like it doesnt matter. Who are you talking about that ran and won with $200 in signs? If your talking about that young guy, I tempo forgot his name, right after Fresola blasted the town for not putting in his boy and electing him he turned to Fressola faster than anything.
John Doe June 28, 2012 at 09:47 PM
This is a pretty homogenous looking group, no surprise there. "Continued Good Governemt" Gag. The way I see it as someone who grew up in Whiting, there is no doubt in my experience that the younger resident and non adult residential areas are to a degree neglected. The last person to run for mayor against Fressola, James Poss, as Mark referenced, ran a weak campaign. I did not recall him discussing a lot of the items that as a younger resident would resinate with me. I tried on numerous occasions to contact him to discuss issues I would be raising when it came to the present leadership and lack of representation. I could go on for days about issues I would raise when it come to machester township governance as a result of living there for so long, being educated, observant and very familiar with municipal government operations. I think an alternative approach in lieu of getting someone elected would be that these neglected demographics/areas, would be to form civic association or taxpayers association for say plp, roosevelt city, holly oaks, etc. They have to be active, have dedicated leadership and be able to gather the information about the needs and issue of community. The info gets synthesized and voiced representing that collective to the elected officials. Mayors and councils sort of hate these tax payers assoc but that is because they typically have to take notice to what they are saying. First on the agenda, why does Mayor Fressola get payed $41,128?
MichaelH June 29, 2012 at 01:57 AM
Billabong, you are correct in your statements. Mr. Vaccaro and his wife supported the skilled nursing home and didn't care about the outright lies of the applicant. They seemed to have a real concern for the applicant's lawyer, Mr. York, and the Mayor. In fact at each of the BOA meetings I watched as Mr. Vaccaro and wife sat directly behind Mr. York and seemed to share support with him during the evenings. It was so unprofessional and an slap in the face to poor people who would have been stuck living next to this lock-down complex, losing everything they owned. There was no concern for the burden this would have put on the town. We do not need this added misleadership in Manchester.
ballyjduf June 29, 2012 at 02:49 PM
Thats not all the $$$ Fressola gets . IT'S GOOD TO BE THE KING ........
ballyjduf June 29, 2012 at 02:51 PM
Scott are you happy with the Fressola crew?


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