JCP&L, Township Working to Rebuild Ortley Power Grid

East section of Ortley Beach remains without power; those in Middle and West can have power restored after passing inspection

Though sections of Ortley Beach have had power restored, a portion of the electrical system there was "substantially" impacted by Hurricane Sandy and must be rebuilt.

"JCP&L continues to work with the township on its master plan to rebuild the 'East' section before company facilities can be rebuilt in order to allow service restoration to begin," reads a statement released by the township.

No time frame on how long those repairs will take was provided. Ortley residents, unlike others on the barrier island, are unable to return to their homes full time until utility and road repairs are completed.

On Tuesday, the utility company said that the Middle and West sections of Ortley have been energized, and customers there can have service restored after their electrical systems are inspected.

More detailed information on resetting meters was released on Wednesday night.

"If your meter has been removed due to flooding or other damage, JCP&L will install a new meter after the service has been repaired by a qualified electrician and inspected by a state or municipal inspector," the statement reads. "After notifying the company, please allow 2-3 days for the meter to be reset."

"If you have a meter and your power has not been restored by then you may need to reset your breakers. Please check to make sure you have turned your breakers on," the utility said. "If you have checked the breakers and remain without electric service, please contact us at 800-984-9585 to speak with a representative who can expedite your request. Please say 'outage' when you reach the customer service main menu and then say 'representative' at the outage menu."


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