Lakehurst Revitalization Committee Looking For Volunteers

Volunteers are needed for a new project at Lake Horicon over the winter

The Lakehurst Revitalization Committee is looking for volunteers to help build a concession stand and restrooms at  over the winter as part of a project to beautify the park by eliminating some unsightly items.

“This is a great project and is long overdue,” Lakehurst Mayor Harry Robbins said. “We will be putting in men’s and women’s bathrooms and will be eliminating the current porta-pottys.”

According to member Janie Baranyay, the newly formed committee is working on projects to make the borough a better place.

“We want to revitalize the town and make it an attractive place to work and live,” she said. “Our first project was the and that has been really successful. We have recently added live music to make the market more attractive and give it a more comfortable atmosphere.”

Members are hoping to have the concession stand and bathrooms completed by Spring 2013 with the help of locals.

“We are looking for volunteers who are skilled in masonry, electrical and plumbing to help put the building together,” Baranyay said. “Our goal is to have this in place and doors open by the first day of the season next summer. It’s kind of an aggressive goal but we think we can do that.”

Robbins said that having the community come out to help build the stand will make it something the residents can be proud of.

“I want this to be built by residents and not contracted out. It means so much more to you when you build it yourself,” he said. “Just because you're not a tradesman does not mean you can’t help. We will have jobs for everybody.”

Along with the new concession stand and the farmers market, the committee is also working on a harvest festival for the fall, as well as a winter festival that will lead back into the farmers market.

The fall festival is still being planned, but members hope to include a guess-the-weight pumpkin, a hayride and hay bail maze, face painting, apple bobbing and more.

Committee members meet every month on the third Tuesday at Lake Horicon, or at the Community Center in case of inclement weather at 6 p.m. This month's meeting will be held on Tues., Aug. 21.

For more information about the Lakehurst Revitalization Committee, or to volunteer for the projects at Lake Horicon, contact the Borough Hall at 732-657-4151.


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