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Letter: Mayor, Town Officials and Volunteers Busy Following Sandy

Letter to the editor submitted by Manchester Mayor Michael Fressola

The following was authored by Manchester Mayor Michael Fressola in response to questions a reader posed to him in a recent letter to the editor.

To Manchester Patch:

An individual using the phony name "Manchester Man" commented about my letter you published on 11/11/12. Let me address each and every one of his comments.

He questioned why I indicated that I was a republican. The answer is very obvious. Even though I am a Republican, I resent the local Republican Club interfering in our nonpartisan election.

I will be happy to tell this individual that despite the loss of power, I was in Town Hall every day of the three days we were without power, meeting with our Police Chief and our leader of our Office of Emergency Management and his aide, consulting on all the moves we needed to make to handle all the anticipated problems. After that, I helped on a very regular basis setting up our FEMA and Red Cross distribution center, where we handled thousands of gallons of water, food, ice and blankets that were distributed to needy residents in all of northern Ocean County, with the help of many dedicated volunteers. Where were you "Manchester Man"? In addition, I handled hundreds of phone calls from residents needing help. The distribution center is still open as I write this.

"You wonder what the Manchester government is actually doing." I suggest you take a ride with our Police Department or our Public Works Department or our Office of Emergency Management or spend some time volunteering at our distribution center at the Manchester First Aid building on Colonial Drive.

I don’t go to Council meetings because under our form of government the mayor has no input in Council business. Our government is modeled after the federal government. The President does not go to Congress or Senate meetings unless invited.

Route 70 is a state controlled road and Route 571 is a county road, neither is under the Township control. Every effort we have made to improve safety on this intersection has fallen on deaf ears.

I sincerely hope I answered your questions and concerns. If not, why not stop hiding behind phony names and schedule a meeting and come into Town Hall and confront me. My door is open.

Michael Fressola
Mayor, Manchester 

Ed Forrester November 18, 2012 at 03:11 PM
Way to go Mayor Fressola! No need to answer to a useless troublemaker like him. Most residents know what's going on!! So don't let him rattle you or any of our township employees, police, workers and volunteers!!
tony swartz November 18, 2012 at 06:06 PM
ok...well mr mayor....if route 70 is a state road and 571 is a county why is it the your poloce department continues to give stupid tickets left and right5 for little things as air breshners hanging for mirros....
Michele Dimeo November 19, 2012 at 07:35 PM
@ Tony Swartz- I can't believe you just asked that question. They patrol those roads because they are part of Manchester Township. The township on the other hand can only fix what roads they actually control. I live on an intersection in another town, and every snowfall brings me misery. The road I actually live on is controlled by my town so they can plow it, but the road that intersects it is a county road. So we must wait for county to come and plow. They do not come onto each others turf. But my police dept. does cover the whole town and drives on all the roads and gives out tickets when needed.
John E November 19, 2012 at 10:51 PM
Don't mean to hijack this article, since its off topic from the article by the mayor. But is Manchester Twp. going to pick up all the limbs/tree trunks from these 'TWO' storms we had back to back (tons of it out there)? Really its not the brush you have to tie up and cut into three foot managable lenghts and place curb side on schedule dates..Its the hugh limbs and tree trunks cut up from the storms (non-contractor work). I figure FEMA should give the Township some funds to cover this and pay for the employees/fuel/vehicle wear and tear..not the townships taxpayers..that's what FEMA is for correct..disaster clean-ups... true? Anyone know the answer to my questions?
Dan Wonderlin November 19, 2012 at 11:58 PM
I will admit that I did not read the "Manchester Man" comment, but I did read the Mayor's. Although I do defend your right to defend yourself in the press, I do not agree with any town leader doing so in the way that you did. It appears very unprofessional and instigating. I needed to comment on this as I have lived in this township for 37 years and have seen it all. Mayor, you came across to me as very childish.
JerseyShore374 November 20, 2012 at 05:34 PM
Just a thought from a neutral observer and resident. Why is the Mayor even involving himself in responding to individual comments on the Internet? By doing so, it is making an elected official look petty to everyone else, and I am certain, will give residents the complete opposite impression of his intent in responding. Someone in a leadership position should have much bigger fish to fry. Just stick with updating residents on any positive actions and address negative internet feedback in a more generalized professional manner, if addressed at all.
Fred Morrison November 23, 2012 at 11:50 PM
How about addressing the real issues in Manchester? Like how come for over 2 years Pine Lake Park property owners cant get water permits ? Awfully quiet on that issue. facebook.com/insidedvdxpress


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