Mayor Fressola: 'Snooki' Production Came to Town Without Consultation, Promises to Behave

Manchester Mayor Michael Fressola shares his thoughts in a letter to the editor

Since it was discovered last week that the MTV production "Snooki & JWoww" has arrived in Manchester, township officials have said that nothing prevents the crew from filming inside a Johnson Avenue residence. and will monitor the area for potential issues, as well as consider complaints from neighbors. Mayor Michael Fressola reiterates those points in a letter sent to Manchester Patch on Aug. 16:

Dear Manchester Residents,

I am totally amazed by the reaction of residents in Manchester, in print, by phone calls and emails regarding the TV production coming into Manchester. I say I am amazed since I thought I had explained to the reporter of the Asbury Park Press that by the time we heard of it, the arrangements for this production had already been completed.

I checked with the Township Attorney, with our Business Administrator, with our Code Enforcement Officer, with our Construction Office Official and our Township Planner. Each and every one confirmed to me that we had no ordinance in place to prevent a private owner of a residence from renting that residence for the purpose we are talking about. After the fact, the production company contacted our Business Administrator to inform her of what had already occurred and she was assured they would, for the short period of time they will be in Manchester, try hard to be good neighbors.

Our Police Chief has also spoken to the production company and they reiterated to him their desire to be good neighbors. Yesterday, the owner of the property called to tell me he will be onsite daily to assure they comply.

I am amazed, as I said before, by the comments by people who comment without having any idea of what actually happened or who don’t want to know of the facts. I can’t possibly believe that anyone could or would have anticipated that any TV production company would ever propose filming in our quiet town. Therefore, no ordinance prohibiting this was ever contemplated.

All I ask is that our residents learn all the facts regarding issues of this nature before they make comments in any venue. The public deserves to know the truth, which I tried to convey to the first reporter I spoke to and not be mislead by all the untrue statements made by a little more than a few.

P.S.: By the way, I understand both these performers are New Jersey residents. This is to address all who commented that this should have been done in New York where they live.

Michael Fressola


Michael Fressola August 22, 2012 at 04:29 PM
To Dani D. Did yo ever stop to think that a might have a previous engagement booked far in advance of that meeting If you stopped hiding beyond a phony name and aired your complaint to me directly by phone or in person, I would be happy to address all your concerns. That's what I have done every day of my 14 years as Mayor If you think responding to fools is immature that your preogative
MarionLupo August 22, 2012 at 04:55 PM
Do you all think that this is the "Mayor" commenting to your comments??? I think not, someone is using his name!
Dani D August 22, 2012 at 08:34 PM
Oh I'm so sorry Mayor didn't realize your dinner at the clubhouse was that important...more important then the health and well being of the children in your town. There were two meetings btw one in the morning and one at 6 pm you could've squeezed it in your oh so busy schedule to make sure our children would be ok. But hey that's your preogative to not give a crap. And I'm not hiding behind a phony name this is my real name thank you very much. Responging to "fools" (nice thing to call your townspeople) is immature it is not it's the manner in which you respnd that is just out and out rude. Gee will you debate the person that runs against you like you DIDN'T last time...your not happy to address any concerns that are not in a 55+ community. Since your happy to address our concerns why not have a town hall meeting so we can ALL come after work one day???
Kerelin lASPINA August 23, 2012 at 04:47 PM
well seaside went down hill why not the next town, and then next town.and on and on, theses girls are not actors for one and who would want to see there town go down hill no one,all they do is get drunk meet guys and get in trouble big deal they are two girls getting paid a lot of money to do nothing,,,,,,, when your town goes down hill like seaside then your think twice about calling these girls actors lol.
gulfvet03 August 23, 2012 at 05:57 PM
Im sorry colonel sanders all I heard was one bucket and any side for $10.99....buucckkkk uuuuttttttttt. What a chicken this guy is. Call a town meeting buddy and see what happens. Thought you needed zoning and a variance for fencing in manchester twp as well what happened didnt know about that one either? I agree with Dani D town meeting or are you too chicken...buuuuucckkk uuutttttttt!!!!!


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