School Board Eliminates Treasurer Position in Money-Saving Effort

Position was a "duplication of services," according to board president

In an effort to save the school district money, Manchester's voted Wednesday to eliminate the school treasurer position.

The shuttering of the position, which is now optional under state legislation passed in July of 2010, according to Business Administrator Craig Lorentzen, is allowed so long as the district's business administrator is qualified to perform the duties of the school treasurer.

The change will remove an inter-governmental transfer between the school district and township, which handled the review and certification of district budgeting, according to board President Donald Webster.

"We actually send money to the township right now for them to perform this function," Webster said. "So we're going to move this back in-house and save a few dollars."

Eliminating the position will save the district about $6,000 annually, according to Lorentzen. 

"We feel this is a duplication of services," Lorentzen said. Going forward, the Superintendent of Schools will serve as the reconciliation clerk and certify that the business office's reporting is accurate. 

"They're not involved with any of the receipt process or the expenditure process," Lorentzen said. As the school's business administrator, Lorentzen said that he cannot be involved in the review and certification process, which must be done outside of the business office.

"They're completely independent," though Lorentzen said that he is able to offer assistance with questions. "In the end, the Superintendent of Schools will be responsible for certifying that the treasurer's report is accurate."

In addition to the monthly review of school budgeting, an audit is completed on financial reporting each year, Webster said. The district has been awarded the Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting for 16 consecutive years from the ASBAI, a group founded in 1910 to promote high standards of school management.

Rob June 28, 2012 at 02:57 PM
Scrounging for pennys in the couch are we..it should be noted that the Lakehurst Board of Education said "c-ya!" to the Manchester School system because they thought Lakehurst kids were another way to make up money or be the "cash cow" for the never ending school budget tug o war with the seniors. It really is a shame and sad this town cannot get their act together and once again its because the mass majority of this authority is ran and mostly into the ground by seniors so there for the schools are going into the toilet and the residents of Manchester will be stuck paying more for their own to go to school. Seems they are already enjoying trying to make up the thousands of dollars you are now losing from Lakehurst because you wanted to charge five times what you should of been per student from Lakehurst in attempt to balance your budget. Its sad our kids have been going to the highschool in Manchester since it opened its doors in the 70s. Thats now an average of 50 kids per grade less for Manchester in the coming years. Lakehurst kids are now Jackson Liberty bound....bye Manchester have fun with the bills and the seniors cause its your problem not ours!!! Maybe someday you can get your act together.
Mark Wendell June 28, 2012 at 07:23 PM
Lakehurst is not gone yet, they only went to an independant reviewer to see if it will save money for them. Any district they go to will make money off them. Busing will cost more since it's by milage and MTHS is right alongside Lakehurst. I doubt Jackson will have enough busses to transport Lakehurst students so they will have to go with a less safe option of private contracting. Jackson schools are no bargan anyway and newer isnt always better. If the looks of J.M.H.S. are any indecation of what J.L.H.S. will look like the future is bleak.
bonnie June 29, 2012 at 01:33 AM
They haven't left yet. A feasibility study is being done. So check before you speak. Also going to Jackson most likely save any money as Jackson's taxes are higher you wouldn't have a rep on their board so you wouldn't have any say. Let's see whT the study says
Da Gr8 1 June 29, 2012 at 02:56 AM
was anything said on behalf of ms areman tonight?
joe June 29, 2012 at 06:12 PM
Well its if its being reviewed there must be a problem with your over billing. You are right the highschool is practically in Lakehurst then why is Manchester asking our Borough to pay more then triple what Manchester residents are paying. Maybe its being reviewed because WE ARE SICK OF BEING ABUSED by a town that thinks its the jewel of Ocean County and our only option. Lets not lose sight of the fact that its a shame we should even have to look at other alternatives because of what you people think we should be paying you to go to Manchester High School. Frankly we have nobody representing us in Manchester either so what is your point and im sure we are paying alot for busing already to ride 1 tenth of a mile out of town so again what is Manchester offering other then "it's close to Lakehurst." Obviously nobody on the mighty Manchester Board of Ed seems to have an answer for the astronomical tuition fee we are paying. JLHS has a better athletic program and more to offer even if we paid what we are paying now and obviously may even be cheaper then Manchester.. so again I ask you what is your point. Bottom line is the Manchester Board of Ed pulled the wagon before the horse and is assuming we have no other alternative but to pay the amount they feel they need which is crazy. You people cant even pass a school budget without getting it cut 47 times by the seniors so again why are we even here with this and you. Answer-Manchester is greedy and always has been w/ Lakehurst.!!!!
joe June 29, 2012 at 06:25 PM
Manchester Township is also the reason why consolidation will never work in NJ because you think you run everything and think everybody will just pay you what you want regardless of whether its right or wrong simply because of your 80 miles of pine trees senior communities and vast growing deer population thus making you largerHonest. Your town has a history of already not listening to your residents your mayor is terrible with own agenda not to mention and a bully. There are more small municipalities in NJ then Large and frankly you really dont get a thing in the big towns at all except high taxes for low service. Honestly Your school system has been second class for years now and maybe when you relize you are sitting on a pine swamp and not a gold mine you can come back to reality and join the rest of us in Ocean County.
joe June 29, 2012 at 06:26 PM
By the way POOS for Mayor!!
Tony June 29, 2012 at 10:20 PM
I agree with you guys above and Im glad somebody said it. By the way mark one or two buses is all our kids in Lakehurst. I know Manchester is not giving us any discounts on the one or two we need even though at the end of the day it needs to drive through Lakehurst to get to the 4 of the Schools in Manchester...If I were to take a stab at it i would say we are paying more if not triple then those in PLP or any development on the east side of Manchester. Why? Cause we are Lakehurst and they figure who else is gonna take the kids there so lets Take advantage. Way to cut your own throats. Typical Manchester B.S.!! I hope LES Board sticks it to them for once.


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