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Manchester 6th Graders Are Pen Pals With Alaska Students

Manchester Township Middle School teacher  Robert Morris has started a Pen-Pal Project with approximately 20 students in his 6th grade Social Studies classes who volunteered to stay after school to correspond with students in Whittier, Alaska. 

"For our project we are writing letters to students living in Whittier, Alaska which has a town population of about 200 people," said Morris. "The school that we are writing to is a K-12 school containing a total of only 35 total students.  Their way of life is so extremely different and fascinating to our students as each day the students must walk to school through a 2.5 mile underground tunnel that remains from when the town was used as a secret military base during World War II."

Morris said that the grandmother of one of his students visits Alaska often and suggested the pen pal connection between the two schools.


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