Manchester Second Graders Participate in Philadelphia Zoo Contest

Letters urging companies to use sustainable palm oil.
Letters urging companies to use sustainable palm oil.
Written by Manchester schools:

The second grade students at Whiting Elementary School are participating in the Philadelphia Zoo’s Unless project.

The goal of the project is to convince companies that use palm oil to make sure it is sustainable and not hurting any animal or their habitat.  In the Sumatran rainforest palm oil is being harvested at a rapid rate and in the process they are destroying the habitats of all the animals, including the Sumatran tiger.

The students made a Public Service Announcement to raise awareness about the problem in the Sumatran rainforest.  They also used persuasive letters to get the rest of the school to write letters urging companies to use sustainable palm oil.   The 2nd graders then wrote a realistic fiction book about this problem.  Mrs. Casale, Whiting School’s art teacher, helped the students make the beautiful pictures.   The students have been working on the project since October.   You can check out their work on the UNLESS blog of Miss Yarnold and Miss Posner at www.manchestertwp.org/lyarnold.  The students have now submitted their work to the zoo and will be anxiously waiting to hear back to see if they won a trip to the zoo and the grand prize.

Video link: http://youtu.be/cHXbtCMwWBk


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