Several Areas of Middle School Cleared as Mold Cleanup Continues

Superintendent offers update on mold cleanup at middle school

Restoration efforts at Manchester Township Middle School continue as specialists are clearing areas of the mold-stricken building and preparing for reconstruction.

Three-quarters of the school's second floor have been tested by the restoration company and have been cleared, Superintendent of Schools David Trethaway said in a statement on the district's website. 

"Although there was very little removal work to be done on the second floor, it still needed to be thoroughly cleaned and now that is almost all completed," Trethaway said. 

After the discovery of mold in the building's downstairs, MTMS students have been attending Manchester Township High School in a split session schedule. Administrators have said that restoration may be completed in November, but Trethaway has said on several occasions that the building will not open until completely safe.

The newer section of the first floor has been tested and cleared, the superintendent said.

"This part of the first floor has now been closed off, and we are now beginning the process of rebuilding this area," Trethaway said. 

Ceiling and floor tiles should arrive this week and will be installed "shortly," according to Trethaway. 

School administrators met with two flooring companies for consultation on a new gym floor. Trethaway said that the specifications for a new wooden floor — to replace carpeting there — will be completed this week.

It was announced last month that the district's insurance company attributed the mold growth to older improperly functioning equipment. As such, the company will cover the cost of the restoration, though it is still unclear what the project's final cost will be. The district's insurance policy has a $75,000 deductible, according to Business Administrator Craig Lorentzen.

Trethaway again thanked parents, students and staff for their "cooperation and sacrifices" as the school is repaired and pledged that the school will reopen when safe. 

"We will continue to work with the remediation company and environmental company to insure that the project is moving forward and the Middle School is safe when our students return," he said.


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